• Vello Fleece

    Soft, tight woven and warm, this fabric is most like the "traditional" fabric people associate with fleece (but ours is extra cozy!).

  • Terry Fleece

    Think sweatshirt fabric (the most luxurious sweatshirt you can imagine), this versatile, four-season fabric has a hook-and-loop texture that’s almost towel-like.

  • Sherpa Fleece

    Fuzzy soft and warm with a plush texture, this is as close to lambswool as fleece gets—without the itch factor.

  • Waffle

    This innovative recycled fabric is all about luxe texture. In a medium weight that keeps you just warm enough, its woven waffle checks all our boxes for elevated, four-season wear.

  • Power Stretch

    This hybrid fabric offers the best of both: the plush warmth of fleece (think: the feel of our Vello) inside, and stretch performance—and a hint of sheen—outside.

  • Repreve® Stretch

    Stretch meets structure in this recycled fabric that offers the feel of premium performance wear, built into everywhere pieces.

  • Luxe Stretch

    A Poly/Lycra blend made from recycled bottles. Lightweight with some structure, stretchy and breathable. A luxe feel, as its name suggests.

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